The App Architecture


- Users allow to CRUD records
- Email Notification
- Use serverless Lambda/DynamoDB/API Gateway
- JWT token-based authentication by using Cognito
- DynamoDB access patterns:
- Get all records by email (partition key)
- Get all records by specific date, by Using Global Secondary Indexes GSI
- Allow user to delete his account by using Fargate task triggered by Lambda, Lambda cannot reach Cognito/SNS/SQS without NAT gateway
- Enable quota per user
- Webhook Integration, ex: Slack
- Uploading/downloading documents to/from S3
- Account Page
- Adding reset password
- Share document with link vaild up to 36 hours
- Export table to CSV
- Create Groups and share it with other member
- Group permissions rolles Creator/Admins/Members

Coming Features

- Adding captcha
- Adding table pagination and search
- Create shareable documents
- Allow users to sign in through external federated identity providers
- Enable MFA
- Admin Page
- Connect with payment gateway (Stripe)
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